someone is injured at a construction site
Construction Site Injuries: Who is Liable?

Construction sites are a safety threat, no matter the size of the project. Construction workers must work in the elements, maintain awareness of traffic and heavy machinery, cross narrow planks several stories above the ground, and evade electrocution. As a job description, dangerous is an understatement. The U.S. Department of Labor reported 250 injuries or…

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A motorcycle driver trying to avoid a motorcycle accident and injury by driving safely and wearing the appropriate protective gear.
Common Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

In 2020, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that there were 35,766 car crashes in the United States that caused people to die. Sadly, 5,500 of those deaths were motorcyclists. In Alabama alone, there were 78 motorcycle crashes which resulted in fatalities that year. Riding a motorcycle can be fun and exciting. But it…

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Parents discuss negligent entrustment with lawyer
Negligent Entrustment in Alabama

Negligent entrustment is probably a term you’ve never heard before. However, it may come in handy if you’re ever involved in a car accident caused by another person. Negligent entrustment is when someone is legally liable for negligence because they provided another person with a dangerous instrument. As a result, that person caused injury to…

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SUV driving carefully in winter road conditions and hoping to avoid black ice.
Stay Safe with Winter Weather Driving Tips

Winter is filled with holiday activities, charming sights, smells, and sounds. Unfortunately, for some, those sights may be twisted metal, the smell of leaking gas, and the sound of sirens. Winter driving may become dangerous because road conditions can change quickly due to snow and ice. If you do not take proper precautions while behind…

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Man in nursing home feels withdrawn due to emotional elder abuse from the staff
Signs of Emotional Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home

Emotional abuse occurs when one person causes emotional trauma to another through nonphysical means. The abuse can be verbal or nonverbal and uses power and control to isolate and intimidate. Nursing home staff occupy a powerful position as it relates to nursing home residents. Residents rely on staff for basic needs like water, food, and…

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