insurance agent looks at social media posts to refute car accident claim
How Can Social Media Impact Your Car Accident Claim

Today’s highly connected world has made social media a large part of our daily lives. While there are both positives and negatives to this connectivity, one potential negative is that social media can sometimes impact legal matters like car accident claims. It is wise to have a thorough understanding of how social media can influence…

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Heath Brooks, Michael Timberlake, and Will league announce the formation of Timberlake, League, and Brooks
Timberlake, League, and Brooks Announces New Shareholder and Refreshed Branding

Timberlake and League, a distinguished personal injury law firm in Huntsville, Alabama, is excited to announce the formation of Timberlake, League, and Brooks. This decision aligns with the firm’s continued growth and commitment to providing clients with exceptional legal service. For the last 25 years, Michael Timberlake and Will League have handled personal injury claims…

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Construction worker grabs safety gear out of truck bed to prevent construction injuries at worksite
Everything You Need to Know about Common Construction Injuries

The construction industry is full of hazardous conditions that may lead to a multitude of injuries for workers. Falls, dangerous substances and heavy equipment contribute to devastating physical and financial setbacks for employees and employers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2019, the construction industry had 79,660 nonfatal injuries. To help provide a…

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lane splitting is illegal in alabama
Is Lane Splitting Legal in Alabama?

Driving is an intricate dance where vehicles move at the same time in the same direction to reach their destinations. However, one disruption to this dance is lane splitting. Lane splitting is when motorcyclists weave in and out of moving traffic going in the same direction. In 2021, 1,818 crashes involving motorcycles happened in Alabama.…

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