professional firework show lights up night sky
7 Important Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks are a staple for most fourth of July and New Years’ Eve celebrations. However, sometimes people underestimate just how dangerous fireworks can be. Brush up on some safety tips so you can enjoy the show! The National Safety Council (NSC) recommends attending public fireworks displays conducted by professionals, largely because of the number of…

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water spilled across tile floor to represent a slip and fall hazard
5 Slip and Fall Injury Prevention Tips

Slips and falls can cause severe injury and lead to costly medical bills. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average hospital cost of a slip and fall injury is more than $30,000. These accidents are generally the result of preventable circumstances if businesses and individuals take time to keep their properties safe for…

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doctor reviews medical malpractice complaint in hospital hallway
Top Reasons for Medical Malpractice Complaints

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, like all humans, occasionally make mistakes. Sadly, these mistakes can lead to their patients experiencing lifelong injury, pain, or death. Unfortunately, cases of medical malpractice are quite common. Yet, you may be surprised by the statistics regarding malpractice lawsuits. Continue reading to learn more. What is Medical Malpractice? Medical…

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Lawyers review recent lawsuit filed against their company
How to File a Lawsuit Against a Company

Have you been wronged, hurt, or had a life-altering accident caused by a company or organization’s negligence? If so, make sure you or your loved one is compensated for any decline in your quality of life, lost wages, or medical bills.  Just the thought of filing a lawsuit against a company may seem overwhelming. However,…

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dog sits with owner outside at restaurant picnic table
Dine with Your Dogs in Alabama

Alabama lets the dogs out! A new Alabama law allows dog owners to bring their pets with them while dining outside at restaurants.  If a restaurant wants to participate and meets certain criteria, dogs will be allowed to dine with their owners in outside areas.  Dogs are not permitted inside restaurants. What the New Law…

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