Timberlake, League, and Brooks Announces New Shareholder and Refreshed Branding

Heath Brooks, Michael Timberlake, and Will league announce the formation of Timberlake, League, and Brooks

Timberlake and League, a distinguished personal injury law firm in Huntsville, Alabama, is excited to announce the formation of Timberlake, League, and Brooks. This decision aligns with the firm’s continued growth and commitment to providing clients with exceptional legal service.

For the last 25 years, Michael Timberlake and Will League have handled personal injury claims in North Alabama and have been committed to providing unmatched expertise in personal injury law. The addition of Heath Brooks as a shareholder reflects an expansion of this dedication, bringing new dimensions of legal experience and ability to the firm’s already strong reputation.

“We are thrilled to announce the formation of Timberlake, League, and Brooks,” said Michael Timberlake. “This change reflects our commitment to providing extraordinary representation for our clients. Heath Brooks has been a valued member of this firm and our community, and welcoming him as a shareholder will solidify our alliance to advance our shared goals.

Having practiced with the firm for 15 years, Heath Brooks shared his thoughts on becoming a shareholder. “I am excited and humbled to be a part of Timberlake, League, and Brooks,” said Brooks. “This transition is not just a name change, but a marker of our progressive journey. As a shareholder, I am dedicated to upholding the law firm’s legacy of excellence and look forward to contributing to its continued growth and success.”

With a new shareholder, clients can expect the same high standards of professionalism and personalized service that have been the hallmark of Timberlake and League. Clients can also anticipate updates and enhancements to the firm’s digital presence. These improvements will facilitate easier client access, ensuring a seamless user experience.